Nokia 216 Dual SIM

Nokia 216 Dual SIM

Req : 311,940 Points

Specification :

Dual SIM Slim Phone
Have more than one SIM? Find managing multiple SIMs tiring? Manage your SIMs seamlessly with this efficient device. Nokia 216 Dual Sim comes with dual SIM slots that will enable you to take your numbers with you in only a single device.

Game on!
Nokia 216 now comes with a special one free Gameloft game every month for a year. So stay entertained all the year round!

Long Term Battery
With up to 18 hours of talk time, the Nokia 216 gives you a backup for your complete day. Capable of being left on standby for up to 35 days, it keeps going as long as you do. Manage your calling, messaging, and data costs with a dual SIM phone. Use the Nokia 216 Dual SIM to get the best deal when you’re traveling or to separate personal life from work life.

Internet Connectivity
The Nokia 216 Dual SIM with the Opera Mini Browser allows you access to popular web content. Discover and download more apps and games using the Opera Mobile Store. Share your selfies and important moments with friends and family through Facebook.

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