Nokia 150 Dual SIM

Nokia 150 Dual SIM

Req : 276,000 Points

Specification :

Boundless battery
Nokia 150 comes with an outstanding battery life that gives you 22 hours talk time and 25 days standby, to enable you to stay connected when it matters most. A micro-USB charger makes it convenient and simple to recharge wherever you are.

Reliable and Memorable
The built in torchlight of the Nokia 150 will help you never get lost in the dark, no matter where you get stuck, the Nokia 150 will help you find your way home. Plus with the LED Flash camera in your hand, you can capture important moments anytime, anywhere!

Your Entertainment Partner
Whether you are a music lover or addicted to your morning radio, the FM Radio has your back. Whereas, if you feeling bored, classic games from Gameloft will keep you company for hours!

Never miss a moment
Thanks to its camera with flash, the Nokia 150 lets you capture all your favourite moments by day or night and share them using Bluetooth. What’s more, you can rely on the built-in torchlight to help you find your way in the dark.

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